Spearmint Castro liqueur

Spearmint Castro liqueur

The SPEARMINT CASTRO liqueur is produced from 100% natural extracts of freshly picked spearmint leaves, in a traditional way.

Spearmint (a type of mint), an aromatic and refreshing herb, exudes a wonderfully sweet and cool flavour, while extracted in alcohol.

It is a stimulating, digestive liqueur (digestif) with a strong and intense aroma and flavour, which is a novel and creative suggestion for your bar, restaurant or kitchen.

You can enjoy it straight, on the rocks, with fresh lemon, lime, orange or pineapple juice, in a dark chocolate or tea beverage or combined with Tentoura Castro, Honey Castro liqueurs, or in cocktails.

Available packages: 
  • 500ml
    25% vol

Cocktails with Spearmint Castro liqueur