Production Secrets

Our distillery combines the traditional production method for alcoholic drinks (extraction – distillation) with the latest technology in their standardisation, while respectfully adhering to the family’s secret recipes.

The excellent quality of the water combined with the suitable environmental conditions in the Romanos region that enhance the proper maturation and storage of the extracts and the distillates in the oak barrels, are only a few of our production secrets, whilst the use of 100% natural extracts provides the excellent quality and uniqueness to the TENTOURA CASTRO, as well as the other spirits and liqueurs that we produce.

All of our products are produced with selected ingredients of the highest quality. We select the best varieties of fruits, herbs, nuts and spices, by sourcing these in the regions that are best known for their aromas and use these immediately in order to optimise their valuable ingredients.

Our continuous monitoring of the raw materials used as well as the production, storage, bottling and quality analysis processes for the alcoholic drinks that we produce has provided us with ISO 22000 certification for foods and drinks, which has been a positive factor in our rising export activities to Europe, America and Asia.