Tentoura Liqueur with Mastiha

Tentoura Liqueur with Mastiha

Tentoura Castro liqueur with the aroma of Chios island!

The intense spice extracts in Tentoura Castro coexist with the unique aroma and flavour of the Chios natural mastic, which is renowned for its beneficial properties.

This is an improved product of research by the TENTOURA CASTRO – G.P HAHALIS Company, with cinnamon and mastic natural extracts and essential oils, which laboratory (in vitro) studies that were undertaken by the Democritus University of Thrace, in cooperation with our distillery, demonstrated antioxidant and anticancer activity, in the research Project entitled “Use of organic active essential oils in the production of alcoholic drinks and confectionery products with potential health benefits”.

In the case of the TENTOURA CASTRO with MASTIC liqueur, the aroma and flavour of Chios mastic is more discernible in relation to the classic TENTOURA CASTRO liqueur.        

It is an innovative and impressive compound that unravels the thread of Tentoura flavours and aromas to reveal the secrets of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, citrus fruits and mastic. A delightful taste of Mediterranean East that awakes and activates the senses!

It is predominantly drunk after a hearty meal as a digestive liqueur (digestif), straight or on the rocks as a regular drink, chilled in small glasses, with soda or in cocktails. 

Available packages: 
  • 500ml
    25% vol

Cocktails with Tentoura Liqueur with Mastiha