Bitteráneo Mediterranean Thyme Bitters

The first Greek bitters!

BITTERÁNEO Mediterranean Thyme Bitters is produced exclusively from natural Mediterranean ingredients - 100% natural bitter extracts of excellent quality and high concentration, for a great performance and intense aroma and flavour.   

The thyme leaves and flowers are hand-picked carefully in Crete and Chios islands, are extracted in alcohol and release intense aromas that conjure the Aegean Sea. Artemisia balances the bitterness and just a bit of Greek honey gives a golden touch!

It is an innovative product by the TENTOURA CASTRO – G.P. HAHALIS distillery in cooperation with the specialist bartender Mihalis Botonakis, who knows the secrets of the ingredients contained in the BITTERÁNEO Mediterranean Thyme Bitters and makes the best use of them.

Known in the past as therapeutic, medical products, today the bitters are mostly used to aromatise cocktails. BITTERÁNEO Mediterranean Thyme Bitters is a product of scientific research and is handcrafted in small batches, in order to preserve its authenticity and premium characteristics.

Ideal for food, drinks, cocktails!

Available packages: 
  • 100ml
    40% vol

Cocktails with Bitteráneo Mediterranean Thyme Bitters