New! ROSE CASTRO Liqueur from aromatic rose petals!

We are happy to present you our NEW PRODUCT:

ROSE CASTRO Liqueur from aromatic rose petals!

Produced in a traditional way from 100% natural extracts of aromatic roses. The rose petals are carefully collected by hand and used immediately. The old recipe of the Hahalis family has been perfected and the result is an alluring liqueur with an intense aroma and rich flavour. Enjoy it slightly chilled (12-13ºC), straight, on the rocks or in the most unique cocktails!

Our distillery researches and utilises the beneficial properties of the rose – a pre-eminently aromatic plant – in cooperation with the Departments of Pharmacy and Medicine of the University of Patras and the Aroma Innovation Hub, under the Research Programme entitled "Development of new bitter alcoholic drinks from aromatic and medicinal plants with beneficial properties for health, Natubitters"!

The Programme is co-financed by the TENTOURA CASTRO - HAHALIS distillery, the European Union and the Region of Western Greece. Operational Programme "WESTERN GREECE 2014-2020".